Comic-Con 2011

When I told people outside of my circle of friends that I was going to Comic-Con I got a few different responses. This is typically what I heard.


What’s that?

Oh wow… you’re a nerd. Tiffeny, you like that stuff or is he making you go?

Oh that’s fun!

I like the last reaction. It was a blast. There were tons of celebrities there and so many things to do! Another reaction I got from my non-nerdy friends was “what is Comic-Con exactly?”

Comic-Con 101 (if you already know, skip this*)

  • Comic-Con started of as a convention for comic book publishers and fans.
  • There are booths full of comics with writers and artists who give autographs giving fans a chance to meet the creators behind their favorite heroes.
  • It has evolved into something much larger (especially San Diego). A lot of comic fans complain that the San Diego Con is way too commercial since they include much more than just comics.
  • The San Diego Con has booths on the first floor where free comics, buttons, shirts and other random goodies are handed out. The booths range from video games, TV shows, movies, anime, Legos and comics! Upstairs is where all the panels are. Yes. Panels.*

SO! Let me tell you about this year’s experience. I volunteered this year so we wouldn’t have to pay.

Comic-Con Volunteering 101

  • You do an assignment for 3 hours then you’re free to roam!
  • Sometimes they just let you go in without having to do anything

2 of the 3 days they just let me and Tiff go in. They said, “we have enough people already. Let me sign you guys out and you can go have fun.” Pretty sweet huh?

Our first day at Comic-Con Tiffeny won a PS3!!! There we were…lugging a PS3 downtown San Diego!

Day two I high fived Dwight Howard twice!

How did that happen?! Let me tell you the story! We were at the Kick Buttowski panel. I do not watch this show but we were there to see the Robert Kirkman panel (the creator and writer of Walking Dead). There is a stategy to going to panels.

Comic-Con Panel 101

  • Panel lines are ridiculously long
  • If you go to a panel you can stay in that room all day. So we went to Kick Buttowski to ensure we had seats for the panel we actually wanted to go to.
  • Panel Examples: 2009 there was a panel for Iron Man 2 that included Robert Downey Jr., Samuel Jackson, Scarlett, and a few others. They talk and their project and then the fans get to rush to the mic for a Q&A session. Panels are cool!

So we’re sitting there watching the voices of Kick Buttowski talk about upcoming shows on Disney XD (they’re coming up with a Tron show that looks amazing) and hear them talk about their own show. They then go on about how Dwight Howard does a voice and never has time to show up for their events because he’s so busy.

Then out of nowhere the lights cut off and music is blasting. Then the doors swing open. Then Dwight freaking Howard busts through the doors and runs through the crowds handing out high fives like an ice cream man at an elementary school! The panel was so legit after that because Dwight is hilarious and many little kids asked him questions about becoming a Laker during the Q&A session.

To be honest, the high five I got from Dwight sucked. So I hollered at him before he left the room and got a real high five on my camera!

After that panel my lovely wife scored us front row seats to watch Robert Kirkman. During his panel he asked “Hey I’ve got this special hard cover of the new comic series I’ve started called the Infinite. Who wants this?” Everyone raised there hand but my wife got it. Because she rocks. She also got him to sign it afterwards. 

To wrap things up, I got to talk to and got autographs from several artists and writers you guys probably don’t care about but here’s the list anyway:

Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead, Invincible)

Mark Waid (Irredeemable, Incorruptible)

Nick Spencer (Morning Glories)

Ian Brill (Darkwing Duck)

Joe Benitez (Lady Mechanika)

Jason Martsen (Step by Step, Full House, Boy Meets World and tons of cartoon voices…IMDB him)

(Yes that is Aku from Samuri Jack on his shirt)

As amazing things happened over the weekend I texted my friends! The reactions I got were pretty interesting as well.




I hate you.

Embrace your nerdiness and don’t miss out!

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